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Shoutout Pinterest (Again)

So I was scrolling through Pinterest as usual and I came across this image:

I really relate to this quote and thought this would be a good thing to share here.  Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated to workout when you are comparing yourself to someone else.  This is often my problem.  I will feel unmotivated to workout or just not feel great about my workout because I am thinking it isn’t good enough compared to someone else.  I know I shouldn’t compare myself to other people because I am my own person.  Just like with diets, there are workouts and exercises that might work for one person and not work for another.  It is important to remember that progress is individualized and it isn’t about how you measure up to someone else, but how you measure up to yourself.  As long as you see changes occurring in yourself (like getting a heavier lift or a faster run, or seeing some abs peaking through) then you are getting better and that is all that matters in the end.  There will always be someone with more muscle definition or someone faster or stronger than yourself, so you just need to make sure you are better and feel better than yesterday.  You need to live your life for yourself.  The longest relationship you will have in your lifetime is the relationship you have with yourself.  So make sure it is a happy and healthy one.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!

With love,


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