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Pinterest is a Wonderful Thing

So the other day while procrastinating studying for final exams I was scrolling through my Pinterest and came across an awesome quote:

I really love this because it is something that even I forget sometimes. I am guilty of forcing myself to exercise and workout when my body really needs to relax because I ate one too many candy bars or gummy bears or had an extra latte or too many mixed drinks. Exercise is supposed to be an outlet for stresses and an enjoyable activity. The moment you make it the consequence for ‘treating yourself’, is the moment it becomes something you dread. You should never dread exercising. It truly is a celebration of what you can do. It is the reminder that you have control of your life and it should be an escape from the daily stresses of life. 

I see it too often, people working out because ‘I haven’t been eating too good lately’ or ‘I really splurged last night’. That isn’t the mindset someone should have around exercising and that quote really highlighted that for me. So this is my reminder for all of you to workout because you want to, not because you feel guilty for enjoying a drink or junk food.

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