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Okay so nothing else inspired me this week, but this topic is very fitting considering the week I have had(And to be honest I almost forgot to write something because I have been so busy). It was just one of those weeks where it seemed like I had to remember to breathe. Don’t get me wrong I love college and I love what I am studying and I love soccer, but if I had a ‘Get out of life for a week pass’ I would have cashed it in this week. Usually my spring semester is very packed because of the way my school and soccer schedule work out so it feels like I am on the go constantly from the moment I wake up for class until I get home from practice everyday. It can be hard to find time to relax, especially when midterm week hits and all the tests and assignments seem to be due at the same time for every class. So when I have weeks like this I like to do a couple things to help me keep my sanity and for my mental health.

Some things I like to do:

  1. On Sunday I will look at what my week entails from all of my classes syllabi and if the week looks like a long one I will plan something for Wednesday after my practice that I can look forward to (ex: dinner with a friend, seeing the sunset, ice cream run) so that the week has something fun to keep me going.

  2. Take an hour to just binge watch Netflix or read a book that I am not required to read for school.

  3. I will sit outside (if the weather is nice) at the central quad area of my campus and just take in the weather or I will sit outside of a coffee shop and enjoy a good coffee( proven mood booster) and nice weather.

  4. GO TO SLEEP! If you read my post last week you will remember that lack of sleep will cause an imbalance to the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which will only make the stress-filled week ahead worse. 

  5. Also find a way to get some chocolate that fits your macros because I truly believe coffee and chocolate are the answers to all of my problems, and some peanut butter.

  6. Exercise, even though sometimes soccer can be a source of my stresses, I like to go for a slow jog and be with my thoughts or just take a walk and be outside.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and has a wonderful week coming up. Hopefully you don’t need to use any of my tips often because no one needs stress in their lives, but we live in a society constantly on the go. Our society is a stressful one, but just remember to take time for yourself because all of the material stuff really doesn’t matter in the end. No point in making yourself miserable just to impress other people, do what you want for you and life will be good.

Thanks for reading!

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