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Hello lovely people! I wasn’t sure what to share with y’all today when my apple watch so kindly informed me that I should get active tomorrow to celebrate Earth Day. So thank you to my apple watch for informing me that tomorrow is Earth Day and consequently giving me something to write about. Like I said in a previous post about wellness, that it is more than just working out and eating good foods. Wellness is about staying mentally healthy and what better way to keep your mental health than getting outside and enjoying nature? Nothing brings me more happiness and calm than getting outside and enjoying a sunny day or a nice sunrise/sunset. So I hope you all get outside tomorrow and get a chance to celebrate the beautiful world in which we live. Go for a nice walk or run, or even just take sometime to sit outside and enjoy the little beauties of the world. It is the only Earth we get and it does a pretty awesome job at suppling us with some yummy fruits and veggies and breathtaking sunrises, sunsets, oceans and mountains and more. 

Have a great Earth Day everyone!

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