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Sorry for being MIA! I was sick last Saturday, and the Saturday before that I spent the day at a CrossFit Comp and it slipped my mind to post, so sorry!! 

Since I last posted I watched some pretty interesting Netflix documentaries and I highly recommend you peeps check them out. ‘The Magic Pill’ and ‘In Defense of Food’ are the titles of the documentaries and if you like documentaries and like health and wellness things(which I am guessing you must a tiny bit because you are reading my blog) then these are must sees. I watched ‘In Defense of Food’ the day before I left school to head home for the summer and I saw the most coincidental thing while I was driving.

All I have to say is what is the food-like substance in that container and where is it going and who/what is ‘eating’ it?  Isn’t it scary to think something has been created by humans and has to be labeled like?  That can’t be good or healthy for anyone or anything to consume, so why has it been made?  Just some questions that seeing that truck raised in my head, along with watching those documentaries.

I love documentaries, so if you guys have any good ones leave them in the comments because I am always looking for something new to watch on Netflix!  Sorry again for going MIA. Thanks for reading and you all rock!

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