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If you open the dictionary and read the first definition for the word diet you will see this; Diet(noun)= the kinds of food that a person or community habitually eats.

If you walk around asking random people you pass what the definition of diet is you will likely hear something along the lines of “foods you eat so you can lose weight”, or “something followed in order to lose weight”, or maybe “not eating sugar and carbs”. This is the issue today and the issue I have with the word diet, not because it is a bad word, but because the connotation has become something negative and restrictive. Diet should not be removed from the language, because the word at its core refers simply to a food consumption pattern of a person or group of people; a lifestyle if you will. To keep this post short, I want to talk about a mindset shift from hearing diet and thinking restrict, to hearing diet and thinking lifestyle. Your diet should be something that supports your lifestyle in the most nutritious and health-beneficial way, while still giving you a sense of freedom. Change the mindset from “I can’t eat this or that because…” to “I want to eat this, so I will have it while still eating foods that align with my lifestyle”. Think of your diet as a toddler. You know you don’t tell a toddler to not touch something or do something because the toddler will inevitably do exactly what you said to not do. If you have a restrictive diet, full of “I can’t eat” foods you are very likely to constantly think and want those foods. Telling yourself you can eat anything you want to eat, so long as it supports your lifestyle, you are more likely to desire the most beneficial foods most often.

One of my shorter posts, but nonetheless a thought that was in my head, so I decided to type it up and share with you all. If you are looking to move from a restrictive mindset to a lifestyle mindset when it comes to your diet and need some help you are in the right place. We at Smarter Athlete are here to help you find a diet that fits your lifestyle and gives you a sense of freedom.

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