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Dear Soccer

Dear Soccer,

I really don’t know where to start.  You have been so much a part of my life and who I am for so long.  My parents knew you would be a major piece in my life when, at the age of 2, I asked my dad to go outside with me and play soccer.  I barely even knew what soccer was, but somehow I knew that soccer is what I wanted.

Soccer was my first love, but no love is easy.  Somewhere along the journey I let soccer become less of my happiness and more of chore.  There was even a long period of time where I forgot why I loved it so much.  I let soccer dictate who I was and in that my love for it was lost.  While soccer was a part of who I was, it was not everything I am.  Like any love you can not let the other change who you are, but I did and it became toxic.

With the help of the people in my life and some reflection, my relationship with soccer was mended.  I figured out who I was without soccer and when that happened I remembered why I loved soccer so much.

Soccer was the first thing that gave me a sense of purpose and it allowed me make amazing friends.  It let me travel the country and taught me life’s toughest lessons.  I still refuse to believe that my senior season has come to an end.  It has barely been a week since my last game, but I couldn’t have asked for a better senior season.  My senior class dedicated so much to this program over our 4 years and we were able to make history by being the first team in program history to make a conference semi final appearance.  I would have loved to go all the way with this team and bring a conference championship home, but we were just shy of making that happen.  This was a special season, with a special group and I love them more than I can put into words.

Soccer, thank you for all you have done for me and for allowing me to love you.  You have readied me to enter into the world and prepared me to face every challenge with my head high.  “Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal” .   You have taught me to aim high and never give up no matter what is placed in front of me.  Thank you again.  This is definitely not a goodbye, just a see you later, because I have learned that something this special will never truly leave you.

Forever yours,


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